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5 Ways Personalized Nutrition Can Support Wellness

By Dr. Michael Roizen, Emeritus Chief Wellness Officer at the Cleveland Clinic and Chair of the Persona Nutrition Medical Advisory Board.

Walking into a store to purchase daily minimums of vitamins and supplements that you are lacking in your diet can be extremely confusing. There are oodles of bottles stacked next to each other on multiple shelves that span one end of the store to the other. No one in that store is analyzing your diet to find out what, if anything is missing.

In my expert opinion, I was excited to see personalized nutrition that analyzes what is missing in a person’s actual diet hit mainstream interest as it provides clarity about and access to essential vitamins, minerals and nutraceuticals that optimize health throughout the lifespan. From prenatal vitamins and minerals needed to optimize your and your baby’s health to nutrients scientifically researched that facilitate healthy aging, like NAD+.

There are five top reasons why personalized nutrition can support your overall wellness.

1. Digging deep to find what your body really needs – no more, no less.

By using a personalized approach to your nutrition, you’re able to zero in to address the nutritional gaps that you may experience based on your daily habits, dietary preferences, allergies, health conditions and prescription medication use. By answering online nutritional assessments – like Persona Nutrition’s comprehensive online questionnaire – (which I helped to develop) you will curate a morning and an evening pack of vitamins and supplements that are specific to your body’s needs.

2. Identifying drug-nutrient interactions.

I implied that prescription medications can provide nutrients as a part of the composition or they can deplete nutrients. This is an important consideration that many people miss. Most consumers don’t realize that their prescription medications may interact with supplements and vitamins and even nutrients in their diet. Persona Nutrition’s online nutritional assessment cross-references more than 2,000 prescription medications to ensure you are avoiding possible interactions. Persona is scanning more prescription medications than any other personalized nutrition company.

If it doesn’t feel like your prescription medication is working, speak to your doctor immediately. There could be an underlying interaction you are experiencing.

3. Connecting you to registered dietitians and nutritionists.

Life is always changing and sometimes we experience trigger moments – like injury, illness, dietary changes, etc. – and need to pivot or adjust our nutrition program. Before I started working with Persona Nutrition as a member of its Medical Advisory Board, I explored other personalized nutrition companies and found that Persona was the only company that built a customer care team entirely of educated nutritionists and registered dietitians to guide its customers. It really is a game-changer for those who want to have the flexibility of adjusting their regimen when needed.

4. Timing for true optimization.

Personalization extends beyond being able to curate a pack of vitamins and supplements based on what the body truly needs. It includes knowing the best times of day to take which supplement. This is another way personalized nutrition can support your overall wellness. Personalized packs of vitamins can be organized by morning or evening to ensure your body is optimizing each and every nutrient.

5. Delivering directly to your doorstep.

While this may seem like a trivial benefit of personalized nutrition, using a nutrition company that delivers dietary vitamins, minerals and supplements directly to your doorstep every 28 days can help ensure you are taking your vitamins every day. Unlike prescription medications that are designed to start working immediately, vitamins, minerals and nutraceuticals take time to build up in the body and muscles.

If you’re considering a personalized nutrition option to increase your NAD+, the way I do, Persona Nutrition now offers Tru Niagen® as one of its 86 plus high-quality vitamins and supplements – delivered directly to your front door!

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Michael Roizen, MD, Emeritus Chief Wellness Officer, the Cleveland Clinic; Chair, Persona Nutrition Medical Advisory Board; and author of “What to Eat When: A Strategic Plan to Improve Your Health and Life Through Food”, with nine NY Times Bestsellers including four #1’s, including #1 in five other countries, and author of over 190 peer-reviewed publications.

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