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Navigating NR, NMN, and Other NAD+ Precursors to Find the Best NAD+ Supplement  

Updated on: April 2, 2024

Reviewed by: Scientific Affairs Team, April 2, 2024

NAD+ (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide) is having its moment in the spotlight, thanks to a conflation of emerging science, celebrity endorsement, and anecdotal evidence. There’s a lot that we know, and likely even more to be discovered. The purpose of this post is to establish how important NAD+ is to all aspects of human health, and to explain why NR—and more specifically the NIAGEN NR featured in Tru Niagen products—is the superior NAD+ booster, making Tru Niagen the best NAD+ supplement.  

  These four simple truths are all you need to know about NAD+ supplementation:

  • NAD+ Is Essential for Life

  • NR Is the Best Way to Boost It

  • The NR in Tru Niagen Is Scientifically Trusted

  • Tru Niagen Is the Highest-Quality NAD+ Booster  

Let’s expand on each truth!  

Truth #1: NAD+ Is Essential for Life 

NAD+ is one of the building blocks of life. Your body cannot create energy or engage in repair and restoration without it. In fact, cells die without NAD+. Think of it like the engine oil in your car—it keeps things running smoothly, even though you don’t necessarily notice it.    

NAD+ declines as you get older, especially after age 30. Between 30 and 70, you can lose up to 65% of your body’s NAD+ supply. This can make it more challenging for your cells to create the energy needed to keep you thriving, and to ignite the repair processes that help maintain the health of your cells. Ultimately, cellular degeneration is what leads to the signs of aging and compromised health.  

High metabolic (or physiological) stress on your body can also rob you of precious NAD+. Things like sun exposure, sleep disruption, excess alcohol use, and environmental factors can push your NAD+ levels lower.  

NAD+ is a precious resource, so it’s important to maintain NAD+ levels if you want to stay healthier for longer.    

Truth #2: NR Is the Best Way to Reclaim NAD+  


It’s impossible to replenish NAD+ adequately through diet or lifestyle alone. So if you want to age well, supplementation with a quality NAD+ booster is important.  

A molecule called nicotinamide riboside, or NR, is the most efficient way to boost NAD+ levels—more efficient than NMN and other NAD+ boosters. The research on NR is backed by over 50 years of science.   

In 2004, Dr. Charles Brenner discovered the vitamin activity of NR and its ability to boost NAD+ levels. Dr. Brenner and ChromaDex began collaborating in 2012. The following year, they developed a patented form of NR.    

Truth #3: NIAGEN NR Is the Universally Trusted Form of NR


NIAGEN NR is a patented form of NR that is the most well studied, safe, and efficient NAD+ booster on the market. It’s the NR that is being used by scientific researchers in about 70%* of registered clinical trials on NAD+ and its effects on many aspects of health.  

NIAGEN NR has been used in 30+ human clinical studies showing its benefit on boosting NAD+ levels and other aspects of cellular health. It’s rare that a supplement ingredient is the same one featured in such studies; it’s also rare for an ingredient to be backed by many clinical studies at all, let alone over 30.   

NIAGEN NR has been accepted three times by the United States FDA (twice as a New Dietary Ingredient and once as Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS)). The FDA doesn’t preapprove dietary supplements, but few supplement companies submit their ingredients for FDA reviews. This indicates how reliable, safe, and effective NIAGEN NR truly is.  

NIAGEN NR has also been accepted by other global regulatory bodies. You can learn more about that here.

In short, few if any other supplements have the global reputation that NIAGEN NR has. 

Truth #4: Tru Niagen Is the Superior NAD+ Booster


NIAGEN NR is the star ingredient in Tru Niagen, the superior NAD+ booster. Also: 

  • Tru Niagen is the #1 NAD+ brand in the United States (based on the top-selling dietary supplement brands by revenue per the largest U.S. e-commerce marketplace [dated 3/1/2023–2/29/2024].  

  • Over 8 million bottles have been sold globally   

  • Tru Niagen is backed by two Nobel Prize winners   

  • Tru Niagen is backed by hundreds of published scientific studies   

  • All Tru Niagen products undergo rigorous internal and third-party testing   

If you’re serious about boosting your NAD+ levels so you can support your health at any stage of life, Tru Niagen is the only smart choice. 

Bonus Truth #5: ChromaDex Is the Gold Standard in NAD+ 

Celebrating 25 years in business as a reference standards company, ingredient supplier, and house of consumer brands, ChromaDex, the maker of Tru Niagen, is a global leader on all things NAD+.  

ChromaDex continues to evolve the science of NAD+ and healthy aging via the ChromaDex External Research Program (CERP®), strategic partnerships, and continued development of innovative products designed to redefine aging and help people all over the world live healthier for longer.  

* Based on clinical trials registered on under the term "nicotinamide riboside."

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